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Innovation meets collaboration

We can work with you to help solve your critical business challenges, provide professional development courses, or develop a mutually beneficial business partnership or sponsorship.

取决于你的项目, 想法或挑战, we can develop an approach to make the most of our experts and resources to ensure we make an impact for you.

We welcome corporate sponsorship for a range of activities and programs and are committed to providing tangible benefits in return for sponsorship support.

业务es can partner with us to support a range of programs, including:

  • 研究项目
  • 社区活动
  • student internships and work placements
  • 建筑和设施
  • 比赛.


Wondering what your future partnership with Murdoch could look like? Here are some examples of successful organisations partnering with Murdoch.


There are many ways to collaborate with Murdoch University. 为了了解更多, 电子邮件