Studying at university is a life-changing experience that often requires some support. Learn more about scholarships which could be available to help you fully achieve your potential.


A scholarship is a payment made to an eligible student to support their study. It is not a loan and does not have to be repaid. Most scholarships are not intended to be used to pay tuition fees, but can help to cover university costs such as books, living expenses and transport.

At Murdoch we offer scholarships for a range of students including:

  • 国际学生
  • students facing financial hardship
  • students with records of high achievement
  • students studying specific courses

There are also a number of scholarships offered by external providers, including government and private organisations. 看看你是否符合资格.



这取决于你的情况, you may be able to apply for other types of scholarships, such as the Australia Awards 奖学金. These scholarships are open to 国际学生 from participating countries, allowing the recipients to complete study, research and professional development.

The scholarships are offered by the Australian government to help create a generation of world leaders with the skills and research to improve their country’s future.

Learn more about the Australia Awards